Could the tag pane be a property of the document, rather than the account used to view it?

I appreciate that Dynalist has to figure out what features to be Pro vs Free based on what works from a business perspective. I wonder whether documents created and maintained by Pro users could show the tag pane for free / non-logged-in users, so that buying Pro would buy access to the tag pane during collaboration.

The tag pane is useful to me because it makes Dynalist more appropriate for coding qualitative data than it is without the tag pane. However, I want to be able to share my coded data quickly and easily with multiple parties. e.g. if I want to participate in open science, I want to make my coding data available publicly, and if I want to talk to a colleague about my in-progress coding, I want to be able to share it with them easily.

For full-time collaborators working in a team to code data, the obvious solution is that everyone on the team buys Pro (or uses a different software option). But for one-off consultations (for example, when I share work in progress with a senior researcher who isn’t my advisor but has expertise in the topic I’m working on at the moment, or when I do classroom observations for a teacher and want to share my tags with them afterwards), that’s not practicable.

Of course, without pro, people can still use tags, but they can’t see the list of tags and their frequencies, which is important for navigating a large data set. It means I either need to do external work parsing everything myself, or share my computer with them physically.

Would it work with the Dynalist business model to let the existence of a tag pane be tied to whether the user who owns the document is pro, rather than whether the user who is navigating the document is pro? That way, I could do my coding, share the document view-only, and someone with no Dynalist account would still be able to navigate my coding scheme efficiently. If they liked the software, they’d then have incentive to get their own Pro account to use with their own projects.

This is just a thought, but it would make the tag pane much more useful for me and others with my use case.

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We’re still figuring out our use case, so I can’t say for sure if it will work. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I guess a workaround would be to use a shared account which can have free trial with maybe a month of subscription during the duration of the consultation.