Copy and paste doesn’t work in iOS mobile

Selecting text brings up the copy button, copying and pasting to another line or app doesn’t work. Pressing the paste button elsewhere doesn’t paste the text that should have been copied when pressing the copy button.

I just tested on iOS 13.1.2 and it works just fine.
Could you try to paste into a browser page at and show us what you get?

Hello Shida, thank you for your prompt response! I have iOS 11.1.2 and can’t update for various internal reasons.
So when I try to copy from web browser and paste in that clipboard, on the double tap to bring up the paste button, all I get is the button saying ‘lookup’ and no paste button.
Many thanks!

iOS is very messy, and they changed how select text/copy/paste works in iOS 13 as opposed to earlier iOS versions. It was very difficult to select text/copy/paste in Dynalist on iOS 13 until Dynalist fixed this, and now it’s fine. But I suppose that may not apply to earlier iOS versions . :slightly_frowning_face:

Seems like copying didn’t work at all for you… Did it used to work before?

Hi Shida, yes I believe it did work fine. And Thank you for your attention!

So it’s only been a problem since a few days ago correct?

Hi Shida, to be honest, I’m not entirely certain how long it’s been happening… I’m sorry I can;t be more specific, but it is fairly recent as far as I can ascertain. Thank you again for your attention! Best wishes, Richard