Converting from word processor outlines to Dynalist

I’ve been an outliner for many years, but I only discovered Dynalist recently, and by chance. I have years worth of speaking notes, all outlines in ODT (LibreOffice) documents. I wanted to import them all into Dynalist for the huge improvement it offers over my existing method, but they didn’t copy and paste correctly. So, I’ve written a set of scripts to help.

I’ve posted my scripts online in case anyone else can benefit from them. Please read the documentation at the linked location for important usage information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These scripts aren’t general in nature. You’ll probably need some basic coding knowledge to be able to make practical use of them because you’ll probably need to adjust them or fix bugs if your source documents are different from mine.


Not that I do not trust Dynalist (or doubt your abilities), but I hope that you do have extra copies of those speaking notes saved in multiple places and encrypted as needed, in case something doesn’t transfer over as expected.

Cheers, and thanks for posting this!

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing :smiley:

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