Complete item from search page

New user with a question here: I have a “Today” page that pulls in tasks to be done today. I know this seems small, but I’d like to be able to complete tasks from that page without going to the individual task first. Is there an option that will allow me to complete on the search page?

This just works. You don’t need an option.

If you have a checkbox on the item, you can search for the item, and in the search view click the check.

If you don’t have a checkbox, you can still search the item, click the hamburger beside it and click Check off.

I must have changed something. In the search view, when I click the checkbox, it zooms to a new page for that task instead of checking the task off.

Flat search results does the behaviour Philip describes. I have a similar setup and would like to be able to check things off directly too

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