Colors in move to dialog

It’d be nice to have the line colour carry over to the ‘move to’ dialog. I can see I’m going to be using line colours for major section headers, in which case it would be nice to have them obvious in the move to dialog. At the moment the whole move to thing looks a bit crowded

By “major section headers”, do you mean items that are heading 1, 2, or 3?

No, I mean my own organisation of important domains. I haven’t really used headings yet, but I can see it would be nice to have that formatting appear in the ‘move to’ box as well

Is there any way to tell which ones are “major section headers” from an outside’s point of view then? You may have decided one of them are more important than others but if Dynalist doesn’t know there’s no way we can highlight them.

Not sure I understand. If I have a major heading like ‘pancreas’ i might colour it red. I would want to copy lots of notes into that heading. But when I go to another note and click ‘move to’ and then type ‘pancreas’ I get loads of search hits, but I only really want to copy it to my major heading node, so it would be nice to have the red colour appear in the move to dialog as well as in the main screen.

Just a minor suggestion. Not important at all, but I think it would be a little more elegant

Ah color labels, I see. When you said “line colors” I didn’t understand it right away, now I guess it.

Yeah that would be useful, especially when you’re looking for that color. We’ll keep this in mind! Might do it some day :slight_smile: