Cmd-Shift-C Opens Capture-to-inbox Not Toggle-checklist

Cmd-Shift-C Opens Capture-to-inbox on Mac

Steps to reproduce

  • Select a top-level item, which has indented children. None of these currently should have a checkbox.
  • Press Cmd-Shift-C on a Mac

Expected result

The indented “child” items acquire checkboxes.

Actual result

“Capture into my inbox” appears.


Mac. Happens in Chrome browser, Safari, and the stand-alone Dynalist app.

Additional information

Problem does NOT happen with Windows.

Additional comments

Aha! It is a problem with Dvorak keyboard. When I enable Dvorak layout, pressing Cmd-Shift-C behaves like Cmd-Shift-i. When I enable US keyboard, pressing Cmd-Shift-C behaves like Cmd-Shift-C.

It appears that the shortcut for Capture-to-inbox does not notice that the Dvorak keyboard layout has been selected.

If I delete the Capture-to-inbox shortcut of Cmd-Shift-i, then Dvorak Cmd-Shift-c will toggle checklist.

I see… I don’t know if we can know the Dvorak keyboard layout though. Our support for Germany keyboard layout is based on a setting since there wasn’t a way to know what keyboard layout the user has :frowning: