Clone (display item in multiple places)


I think if we go down that path, the global memory usage is be a problem for some people forever. It’ll get harder and harder to “unload” unused documents from the memory because you want to count tags, count clones, and get the latest item name in the case of internal links…

Other than that, very cool idea.


That’s in interesting point. I always envisioned that clones/mirrors/references would be local to a document.


Yeah, it would be definitely be less resource consuming if we limit everything to local.


I also assumed clones would be allowed only locally (document-wide).
That said, I use only few dynalist documents with little overlap. With more documents and more overlap I might think otherwise.


Totally! To be most flexible, I would allow full recursion and manage expansion state like you said.

Yes! I imagine: click on the [3] and you get a pop-up as for “Open item finder” with the 3 parent nodes being displayed, so you can jump to them!
In a previous post, I proposed to print all parents like the breadcrumbs (path) of the node. But my proposal is less flexible because it is only visible for the zoomed in node and it wastes real estate on the screen. Now, I’m in favor of your proposal.

A more general note:

We argue about implementation details but I would like to point out the importance of this feature. Clones would extend the core of Dynalist: the node graph structure! This core is already strong in Dynalist and distinct from other apps.
We could emulate this feature with tags or links but both are on top of the core node structure; I consider them extra features.
I am aware that other features are important, like recurring tasks, to-do’s, calendar sync, reminders. But none of them extend the core of Dynalist, they just sit on top. None of them are also unique to Dynalist: other apps offer them as well and Dynalist competes against those well-established apps.

I do use those extra features in Dynalist, but I could easily get them from other apps if Dynalist didn’t exist.

But I still use Dynalist daily as my main app for notes and personal knowledge! There is no other App that organizes notes in such a beautiful and easy-to-navigate way. It’s 80% of my motivation to use (and gladly pay for) Dynalist. I would love to see Dynalist build on its core (in addition to introducing useful extra features).