Client doesn't sync down changes automatically

I’ve noticed recently that on web (Chrome, Windows 10) I have to Ctrl-s to get changes to be pulled down. They used to automatically get pulled down after ~30s to a minute, but now sometimes no matter how long I wait they never get pulled down on their own.

Has anything changed recently that could have caused this?

I don’t remember touching this but I’ll double check!

Just double checked and it doesn’t seem like we changed anything there; on two fresh web sessions changes gets synced from one to another with no problem within seconds.

Thanks for checking. The client in this case had been offline for a while (computer was asleep). I’ll see if it happens again and will check the console and network to see if there’s anything interesting there.

I confirm this is a problem. Likewise it is a problem that it says Synced even while it is not actively syncing. It really should say something different if it hasn’t checked the server for updates recently.

Ah I think I know what you’re talking about. Will push something soon to see if that helps.