Clicking in collapsed folders should open them

Basically, instead of having to tap on the caret, tapping on the name should open (or close) them.

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It used to that way, until we thought closing right after opening feels annoying when you just want to double click to edit the name.

@Shida wants the behavior you described here as well. Maybe we should bring it back instead.

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Ah, I see your point there, but naming happens once most of the time.

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Cool. I guess the cursor should be a hand cursor rather than a normal pointer when you hover the folder name?

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I think I would leave it as a mouse, so that way someone would know that if they click on it enough (twice) that they can rename it, just as they can with a document.

What about clicking once to expand/collapse folders, and clicking twice to rename?


Great suggestion, this is what we thought originally as well.

The problem is that there does not exist a handler called “click once”. The “click” action will be triggered twice when a user double clicks. The only way we know of to distinguish is to wait for the second click and if it doesn’t happen, understand it as a single click. This is the closest approximation to “click once”. The problem of course, is that there’s a slight delay after you click, because we’re not sure if you want to click a second time yet.

The delay should be around 300ms and it’s pretty noticeable.

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