Checklists' improvements

a) if you make a checklist…every “son” of this list has a checklist too and this isnt good most of the times … and you cant delete it. :disappointed_relieved:

b) if you make a checklist… every checked thing now has a big ugly line in the middle of the text . sometimes this works in checked items you want to forget, but sometimes difficults the view of the items :frowning:

could we have instead, when selecting a checklist , not making EVERY zoomed bullet-list as checklist too?
and the ability to check finished items without the need to mark the text with a line in the middle and graying it out?


See this feature request: Trello

Only items that are directly checked have the strike-through line. Items that are checked because their parents are only grayed out. Hope that helps!

dont forget to implement the option please!
for example
I have a list with nested lists inside, which Dont need checklists too !! just the parent list
— 111
— 22
— 33

also, for example, I would need a checklist for a bullet list that Im working in.

[x] subject #001
–subject is detailed in zoomed lists
[] subject #002
–I still dont have detailed zoomed lists for this thematic
[x] subject #003
–subject is detailed in zoomed lists

but I dont want to gray them out, nor strike-through then !! just mark them as completed, without decreasing em in importance, nor making em as less visible

Current behavior:
[x] s̶u̶b̶j̶e̶c̶t̶ ̶0̶0̶1̶
–[x]detailed explanation grayed out
– [x] AND with check boxes that I
– [x] didnt request
[] subject 002
[x] s̶u̶b̶j̶e̶c̶t̶ ̶0̶0̶3
–[x] so this happens :frowning:

Others have mentioned it before, maybe we can add an option in the future that does not grey out nor use strikethough for an item with checkbox.


I have been using checklists to separate tasks within lists. It is a problem that all the lists within the parent checklist are all forced to become “tasks”. I know this is on your radar, so this is just a bit of encouragement :smile: