Checklist on Android hard to click "checks" without selecting the item hierarchy

The checkbox in a list is very close to the dot you can click to “dive down” (not sure what the exact term for it is) into that specific item. So I often find when I’m trying to click a bunch of checkboxes that I’m repeatedly going down the hierarchy by mistake, rather than clicking a checkbox. It can be quite frustrating.

In regards to a solution, I can think of 2:

  1. The Mobile UX can be changed to put more distance between those UI affordances. Less likely you’d have a missed click if there was more distance.

  2. In the upper-right corner, there are 3 vertical dots, which have settings in them such as “Toggle checked item”, and “toggle notes” in it. Make one more option, “Toggle easy check mode”. Perhaps you can rename it. Anyway, in this mode, you’d change all clicks on an item from the left (near the dots) to the right (on the words) would check / uncheck the item. This would make using a checklist super easy, and you’d only turn that on when you’re in the process of using a checklist.



Hi, you can disable zoom on mobile with CSS to prevent this: