Charge + to zoom on mobile

First, I love this app and the work you folks are doing. Keep it up. I’m brand new to the app but have already been working with it for many hours organizing a huge document. I started on a laptop with chrome and am currently on an iPhone using chrome. On the laptop, clicking the target style bullet expands the list while the magnifying glass zooms. But on iPhone on chrome, clicking the target style bullet zooms and the + expands the list. Can you make the target style bullet expand and the + zooms? Somehow unify the experience. It will confuse long time users at first but it should be a simple enough switch. And it will be intuitive to new users.

I hope that makes sense.


I believe there’s a settings toggle to ‘click to zoom’ (as opposed to ‘click to expand’) on the desktop version. I think the change to make is to respect this setting in the mobile version?

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Hmm. @Erica can you test this on an iPhone? On Android, it appears to zoom in for me, regardless of the setting.

On desktop, when you hover an item, the bullet becomes a “+” or “-” icon. The magnifying glass icon is pretty different, although they do share the “+” component. We can’t remove this, because otherwise the magnifying glass would mean “search” instead.

On mobile, we try to make the 2 most used actions accessible in one tap: zoom and toggle collapsed. You can toggle collapsed on the right, and you zoom by tapping on the bullet point.

Does the above make any sense?

Yeah, that’s a good idea. @Jeff_Orig You’ll be more used to it if you switch to that setting instead.

Really? “+” (on the right) should always expand…

Disregard what I said. Sorry about that.

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Np! Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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