Changing width of document in narrow mode



I know it has been discussed before, but I didn’t find a satisfying answer. Is there a way to control the width of the paper (with the narrow-document layout option checked)? Perhaps using custom CSS?

I find the current width (2-3 alphabets) a little too narrow for my needs, but don’t like using the whole window option (to maintain a sort of a ‘focus mode’ on a wide screen).


Yes custom CSS would be the solution. On the phone right now, will post the custom CSS in a bit.


Here’s the CSS:

.DocumentContainer .Document,
.DocumentContainer .DocumentBreadcrumb {
    max-width: 920px !important;

920px is 100 more pixels than the current width, but you can tweak that as you see fit.


Thanks Erica, just what I needed.


Any one preferring a percentage of screen width, I found the following to work:

.DocumentContainer .Document,
.DocumentContainer .DocumentBreadcrumb {
    max-width: 90% !important;

This gives me a 90% width across all screens. You can of course change the percentage.