Change CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER behavior multiline text on bulletpoint

I would really like a change to some of the behavior on dynalist.

CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER adds a newline within the same bulletpoint (multilines in one bulletpoint). But when you want to add another line again, you have to press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER

This is really counterintuitive. Because you might just want a paragraph of text and repeat this several times. Pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER is hard to remember on everyline

Current Behavior:

  • Adding new lines on that one bulletpoint is CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER per line
  • Ending multiline text on bulletpoint is ENTER (e.g. adding a new bulletpoint)

New Suggested Behavior:

  • Adding new lines on that one bulletpoint should just be ENTER (after you initially hit CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER once to start a multiline text bulletpoint)

  • Ending multiline text on bulletpoint is CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER (e.g. adding a new bulletpoint)

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I disagree. Personally I CTRL+Shift+Enter as “add a new line not submit” and I see “enter” as “submit”.
I see this behaviour in a number of other tools (with the exception of this form where CTRL+Shift+Enter is submit) I think keeping the consistency between lines rather than modes is a more expected and more intuitive workflow. CTRL+Shift+Enter always produces the same results, it doesn’t matter on location/context. So does Enter.

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I agree with you. “Enter” is used more constantly when creating different terms.