Can't write anything in chrome

Can’t open type anything out on dynalist for some reason on chrome. I disabled every chrome plugin I had running , including tamperscript / stylish. Refreshed page. Still have problems

Works fine on chromium though. I’m not sure what the issue I’m having right now is

EDIT I also reinstalled chrome am having same problem still (no extensions)

Resize it to mobile size and check the 3rd icon on the right. Did you accidentally set it to Read Mode?


oh yeah I had zoomed in my dynalist doc so I could create some screenshots on powerpack’s code snippets,forgot you could have mobile version on online app.

I ended up clearing out chrome cache before this which also worked too

that lock funtion should be available in the desktop mode! please!

Open a new feature request post on this please, that way it can get more attention and visibility than here. I did a search and it looks like there’s no existing feature request for it.