Can't use Shift-Up/Down within item

I’m not entirely sure whether this is a feature request or a bug report, but: Can we have the Shift-Up select the previous line within the same item if one exists (instead of selecting the whole item and its descendants)?

I think that behaviour would feel much more intuitive and less confusing (Right now, hitting Shift-Down arrow in a multi-line item doesn’t extend the selection down by one line.) The fix would also make working with multi-line items waay easier.

Workflowy works like this, so I hope the behaviour can be replicated without too much difficulty!

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Up does go to the previous line within the same item on my side.

Are you talking about cross-item Up behavior? For example, item A is right above item B and A has three lines. Press Up at the first line of B goes to the first line of A rather than the last line.


Ack, sorry, I meant text selection, not navigation! Edited OP.

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Ah I see! That clears everything up.

I just realized we have overridden a default behavior, which works in pretty much all text editors… really sorry about that!

Indeed when it’s possible, the system default behavior should be carried out unless we have really good reason not to.


@Erica Any word on this?

Seems to work for me. Have you tested?

I can confirm that this works both ways.

However, if you double click to highlight a line, it will not move up or down, as it only selects the text of the line, and not the entire tree/parent (regardless of whether or not it has any children).

If you highlight it using your keyboard, with shift, etc., then it works as intended.

Steps to Reproduce (on a Mac in Chrome, at least)

  1. Create a long item which wraps into 3 lines
  2. Place cursor in second line
  3. Hit Shift-Down

Expected Behaviour

One line starting from the cursor is selected.

Actual behaviour

The whole node is not selected.

You mean “now selected”?

@Yatharth_Agarwal, sorry, I was able to reproduce it. We didn’t fix it yet. It has been some time and I thought you meant in the note section for some reason.


@Erica Would you be able to give a sense of when a fix might be arriving?

Right now, multi-line items are just broken for the keyboard user. It’s probably my single biggest daily frustration with the service (and probably my biggest one with any service, given how much I use Dynalist in a day!); I’m really looking forward to seeing this resolved!

It’s not a straightforward fix so I’m not sure. It involves measuring lines and all that.

The logic basically goes: when Shift+Up/Down is pressed, does the item has more than one line? If so, use the browser default action to select within item instead. Unless if everything before (in the case of Shift+Up or everything after (in the case of Shift+Down) are already selected – that’s when the current behavior should happen. And test that in all major browsers.

We’ll fix this asap, but can’t guarantee by when :frowning:

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Also a quick question for you: say I’m at the last line of a 6-line item and I actually want to use the current Shift+Up behavior. Is there a quick way to access that if the bug you proposed is fixed?

Personally I use keyboard when I can, but I don’t rely on keyboard 100%. Just want to make sure you don’t have do Shift+Up 6 times in order to start selecting multiple items in the case I mentioned above.

Yep: Cmd-A to select all text but not select the item, Cmd-A Cmd-A if they want to select the item.

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Great! :thumbsup:

I’ll let you know when there’s an update on this.


Working on this right now, it just came to me that you can custom Shift+Up/Shift+Down as well to avoid this behavior.

Sorry, what do you mean by this?

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I meant you could customize Shift+Up to something else for now to avoid this problem temporarily.

But funnily enough, I just accidentally found another bug: Shift+Up and Shift+Down are not shown in shortcut help or the customization interface. Will fix that too!

Wait, they shouldn’t be there. They’re standard OS-level shortcuts for selecting text (that Dynalist extends in a natural way to selecting items as well to make it feel like text), so there should be no help text or any customization of them.

It’s for customizing “Select this and previous item” and “Select this and previous item”, not the default Shift+Up/Down. The latter will be intact.