Can't set recurring dates in Android app

Steps to reproduce

As a pro user and on Android app, place cursor on a line then tap ! or calendar icon

Expected result

Date selector with option to set recurrence frequency. Ticking off an item with recurring dates generates the next copy of the item.

Actual result

Date selector does NOT have recurrence option. Ticking off items with recurring dates does NOT
generate next copy of the item.


Using Dynalist on Android v1.2.8

Additional comments

I am a signed up for beta testing on Google Play

I am using the Windows app and I have the same bug. Same conditions.

Maybe worth noting: In the Settings -> Preferences, there is no Recurring Date section.

Also, I only just purchased Dynalist Pro using the XMAS discount.

Recurring dates is not available for the mobile and the desktop app yet.

We are releasing things as early as possible for the browser app because if it’s broken we can fix it quickly. The mobile app and desktop app will get their updates by the end of the month, when we post our monthly updates.

Monthly stuff is posted on our blog:

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Should be there in the v1.3.0 update :smiley:

Yup! Thanks. :smiley: (I don’t know how to mark this resolved. Can you, Erica?)

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Done. Thanks for confirming!