Can't Rearrange Bookmarks

Steps to reproduce

Can’t rearrange bookmarks on web, Chrome or Firefox.

Expected result

Dragging & Dropping Bookmarks to Rearrange Them

Actual result

Pointer cursor changes to grabbing cursor and box pops up showing the bookmark to be moved, but doesn’t actually move.


Windows 7 (work computer), Chrome 57.0.2987.110 and Firefox 52.0.1. Doesn’t work in either mode, desktop or mobile view.

Additional information

Seems to have started around when dragging document to create item was announced, 3/20/17.

Additional comments

Perhaps related or I can submit as separate bug, but dragging document to create an item doesn’t work either. Rearranging documents does work.

Thanks for the report, I think I tested it initially after releasing dragging document to create item, maybe another release after that broke it.

Will look into it, thanks!

Update: this should be fixed now!

Rearranging bookmarks works…thanks!

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