Can't figure out numbered lists

NOTE: I hesitate to call this a bug, it’s probably just me being too dumb to understand the feature.

Steps to reproduce

Select multiple bullets, either select numbered list from the menu or press CTL-ALT-N

Expected result

Number to be appended to the beginning of each bullet. I also manually entered numbers in case that’s needed, but nothing changes when selecting numbered list.

Actual result

No numbers added, or anything visuallychanged.


Windows, Chrome latest version

Additional information

Additional comments

@Kamal_Patel, thanks for the “hesitation”, since most people have directly called this a bug in the past :slight_smile:

So the numbered list property is applied on the parent right now (applicable to the document title as well). The solution in your case is the find the parent item of the items you tried to select and make that item a numbered list.

The reason is that in an outliner, it’s not obvious how to handle non-continuous numbered lists. MS Word will just indent your paragraphs into a list; we don’t want to do that but we couldn’t come up with anything else to handle the edge cases either.

I hope the above makes sense. And if you have any idea how we can implement a more intuitive numbered list feature for an outliner, we’d love to hear about it!

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Oh, I see!

It’s funny, because I was trying to select a bunch of bullets, make them numbered, and then split them off into different parents. Which I thought would be an edge case, and turns out it is. :slight_smile:

So I can’t think of anything better than the current implementation, since other solutions seem to violate the parent/child hierarchy, and would become messy when moving stuff around.

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I agree that this is a problem, and I came here to file a similar bug report, but searched out this one first.

Given your explanation, I still think it’s a problem, but less with the feature now, and more with the documentation. The issue is that this feature breaks user expectations that have been set by the “Toggle checklist” (Ctrl+Alt+C) feature, and doesn’t correct this expectation in the Shortcuts & Formatting pane.

Perhaps if the “Working with lists” section had some mention of the parent/child mechanic, this would be “fixed”? For example:

Toggle numbered list [(On parent) Ctrl+Alt+N]

This would clue users into the fact that there is a key difference.

Actually, now that I think of it, would it be feasible to treat any user request to toggle numbered list as though the parent were selected, even if they’ve selected child items (or a subset of child items)?

This would approximate the behavior of “toggle checklist”, but would be a different mechanic, so users already comfortable with the current mechanic would have to become reacquainted…

That’s a great idea to clear things up.

Not sure if you’ve read the discussion above. Say item A has four children, B, C, D, and E (in that order).

What if the user selects C and D and try to make them numbered lists? Should B, C, D, and E be numbered, or should the children of C and D be numbered?

In the former case, it might be surprising to the user (“But I didn’t select B and E!”). In the latter case, as you said, it’s not consistent with the behavior when you select B, C, D, and E together, or consistent with Ctrl+Alt+C.