Can't distinguish items with or without children in numbered list

Steps to reproduce

Make 2 lists
Give some of the items in each list children
Make one of the lists a numbered list
Hide all children in both lists.
The default bullet-style list has an extra circle around its bullet if it has hidden children.
In the numbered list, there is no way to distinguish which items have children.

Expected result

To be able to know which items in a numbered list have children.

Actual result

I cannot distinguish them.


Mac - Chrome

Additional information

It might be a bug… there should be a little triangle icon to indicate it the numbered list has children.

Does the little triangle appear if you hover over the item?

There is plus sign if I hover over.

But this doesn’t appear if my mouse is not hovering over, so I can’t distinguish just by looking.

So is it a bug? Or am I missing something?

While bullet point to zoom in is disabled:

While bullet point to zoom in is enabled:

I’m on chrome for linux, with the Sepia theme and Comfortable list density.

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Ah yes this fixed it for me too. But I prefer bullet point to zoom in enabled.

I see, I think we finally found the condition to reproduce this problem, which is the first step (often the most important one!) to fix it.

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