Can't Add or Delete rows with keyboard in iOS app

Steps to reproduce

Click end of a line. Press enter. Nothing happens.
Backspace all the text of the line. Text erases. Backspace again. Nothing happens.
Drag-left the line and click delete. Works.

Kill the app. Start the app. Backspace works. Enter works.


iPhone 8 app. iOS 13.

Additional information

It happens sporadically, but on multiple occasions.

The lock button is off.

Things to consider: I may have entered data outside the app and sync triggered the issue. It may have something to do with an extended idle period, say overnight.

happened again. First thing in the morning. Worked fine last night. In between i was playing with lock, multiselect and other non-editing comands

I remember seeing a few other threads about this, still can’t repro on my end either so that’s really weird. I’m having a hard time finding the exact cause for this, hence the lack of a proper fix.

If anyone finds a pattern on why it happens, I would love to dig in further.

EDIT: In the meantime, I heard a workaround is to restart the app. Definitely annoying, hoping I can find out more soon.

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