Cannot navigate up/down in desktop on Ubuntu

Steps to reproduce

  • attempt to move around with up and down arrows

Expected result

Normal up/down navigation

Actual result

No response


Desktop, Ubuntu

This issue is a little vague, so it’s hard to narrow down the culprit of your bug.

If you’re using the desktop app:

  1. Does this persist after rebooting the app?
  2. What version is the app you’re using / can you try to download the latest version?

We just had a big update this month - brand new executable - so some users may experience file corruptions (not your documents, just the app download).

Hi there Thao,

I was using the desktop app, on Ubuntu.
Frankly, I forget how I installed the desktop app from your .tar.gz - linux noob.
The error persists after many reboots.

I’m running on the latest Dynalist version on Ubuntu 16, and I can’t seem to reproduce this problem.

Quick questions that would help with debugging:

  • If you have an item that is long enough to span multiple lines, does up/down arrow keys go through multiple lines, but jump to next/previous items?
  • If you hit Ctrl-s, do you see the top right status go from “Synced” to the syncing icon?

It’s been a few weeks, and everything’s working now without me changing anything
¯\(ツ)/¯ computers.
Can close ticket. Thanks

Got it, thanks for checking back.

Do let us know if it ever happens again and you have an idea what might cause it to happen.