Cannot drag item to "middle" indentation level if it has children

Steps to reproduce

Create nesting as follows (bug affects ALL platforms, desktop and mobile):

 - A
   - 1
     - a
   - 2
     - a
 - B

Attempt to drag item 1 beneath item 2 (at the same indentation level as item 2).

Expected result

When you drag the item beneath item 2 (more specifically physically under the nested a under 2) you should have three indentation levels presented to you in the form of grey bars as you drag the item up and down in that small region. The lowest indentation level being document level (e.g. with A and B), the second level being at same level as 2, and the third level being at innermost nested level alongside the a that is under 2.

Actual result

You are only presented with two possible indentation levels, the document level (level of A and B) and the innermost level (level of a under 2). The middle indentation level (level of 2) is not available.

This issue is only present if 1 has children. If 1 is standalone it properly can be placed in any of the possible three nesting levels.

Here is a video demonstrating the bug:


Chrome in Windows 10 and also Android native app. This bug affects both of the platforms (desktop and mobile) I use Dynalist on.

Weird bug. I can drag a to that position but not 1, like you said.

Filed a bug, thanks for the catch! Nice bug report too, very detailed.

Of course, as you probably already know, if this is the only case it’s not working, Ctrl+Down on 1 will do the same job. It still needs to be fixed though, definitely. :slight_smile: