Cannot create recurring dates in Mac client?

Steps to reproduce

Open dynalist in browser - create an item - use ! to open date picker, confirm can create a recurring date e.g. !(2019-06-07 | ~2d) - now try in the Mac client

  1. Downloaded Mac client (did this yesterday), log in etc
  2. View the item from the 1st step - cannot see that it is recurring
  3. Try creating a new item, use ! to open date picker - cannot see options for creating a recurring date
  4. Try pasting the markdown in directly - still cannot see that it is a recurring date
  5. Test by completing both items - no new items created
  6. Check preferences in case - cannot see any options for setting up the recurring dates

Expected result

Was hoping to create and manage recurring dates from the Mac (and Windows) client

Actual result

Don’t seem to be able to access them. I can in the Android client, but cannot in the Mac client. Haven’t tried Windows yet as am waiting for my laptop to be repaired.


Mac OS 10.14.3

Additional information

As above, cannot see the preferences for recurring dates, but the client was downloaded only just yesterday. Have also checked that I am online and that Dynalist is syncing

Just had an update to my Mac client and can now see the option for recurring dates entry and in the setting too.

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Was about the suggest that; the downloaded installer is a bit outdated now. Sorry about that!

So I guess this is now solved?