Cannot auto backup


I’ve linked my Dynalist with Google Drive and Dropbox, but there is no auto backup file in there.

For Dropbox, I can see a new folder, the path is APP->Dynalist, but I wait for 1 day and haven’t seen the backup file there. The folder is empty.

For Google Drive, I don’t see any new folder created.


Which operating system are you using? Windows 10
Which browser are you using? Dynalist for Windows

It only runs every 24 hours, maybe wait a little longer.

Thanks. I can see it today. The strange thing is I did the link in 2 July, but the backup starts in 4 July. So I didn’t see the backup yesterday.
But it is fine. Thank you.

Maybe it got delayed. I think they use a batch script. It only backs up when there are changes, so each day has a different sized job.

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That’s right, the backup is ran once every 24 hours and if there hasn’t been any changes since your last backup then it will not drop a new copy in your cloud storage.