Bulk formatting toggles items individually

Steps to reproduce

Out of a few items, make one bold.

Select all the items.

Press ctrl-B.

Expected result

I would expect all items to become either bold or not-bold, perhaps depending on whether the first item was bold or not.

Actual result

Each individual piece of text was toggled, so non-bold text became bold and vice versa.

Additional comments

The (incorrect) behavior is the same when pressing ctrl-I to make things italic.

On the other hand, pressing ctrl-shift-C to add/remove checkboxes behaves as expected.

I understand the logic underlying the current behavior, but:

  1. It’s probably not consistent with most users’ expectations. All text editors and word processors I’m familiar with exhibit the expected behavior I described above, where everything is made consistent (bold or not-bold) before toggling.
  2. If you have inconsistent formatting in an outline, it’s hard to make it consistent because you have to format each item individually.

Good point, I remember seeing this behavior.

We have tracked this bug on our todo list, and will fix it as soon as we can! Thanks again for letting us know.

@Herb_Caudill: this should be fixed now, could you confirm please?

Perfect, thanks!!

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