Bugs with search hotkeys

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open search field.
  2. Enter some text.
  3. Press Shift+Enter.
  4. Press Esc for “Go back”.

Expected result

  1. Search field should has a focus.
  2. Shift+Enter and Ctrl+Enter work.

Actual result

  1. There is no focus on search field, I can’t type something without mouse or many Tabs.
  2. Any holding Shift or Ctrl keys will do previous type of search (“Flat” in this case), so you can’t do another search (“Search in all documents” in our case). And it’s vise-versa: if you’ve pressed Ctrl+Enter and Esc — you can’t press Shift+Enter then, because on shift it does Ctrl+Enter again. Until you delete an entered text.


Arch Linux, Chromium Version 83.0.4103.116, website.

Additional information


Additional comments

It’d be better to mark in the hotkeys panel on the right that Ctrl+Enter works in Search bar, not everywhere.

Will be fixed in the upcoming deployment.

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