Bug when using Dynalist with some text snippet replacement/management software in Chrome

So I use Beeftext to help automate things like #date or slightly more complex formatting like images: ![#userinput](#clipboard) so I can copy the address from an screenshot using shareX+imgur, trigger the text replacement and put in the name of the image last.

But recently I keep running into this bug (posted on Beeftext’s Github page), where the keywords will not be (fully) replaced by the inserted text snippet, which makes the workflow counterproductive. Beeftext dev seems to think it has something to do with the way the Dynalist editor is written, is this something that can be easily fixed on your side?

Copy/Paste the Github issue I posted on their page below:

Expected behavior

typed in any combo, for example #date , combo triggered, keywords replaced with pre-specified snippet, does not happen elsewhere as far as I know

Actual behavior

after typing #date , #date either partially or fully remains, and the snippet will be inserted in front of #date

Steps to reproduce the behavior

triggering any combo at Dynalist using Chrome Browser; when using Microsoft Edge it bugs out in a different way that I described here; does not happen in software like Word.

Operating system

Win 10 Enterprise, 10.0.16299