[Bug] Formatting/Styling Discrepancies with the Mind-Map View

Steps to reproduce

  • Add title formatting to a bullet. (i.e. h1 and yellow)
  • Switch to mind-map view

Expected result

  • The mind-map styling is identical to the regular bullet view

Actual result


  • macOS 10.14.5 [latest version]
  • Dynalist Mac app [latest version]

Can anyone else reproduce this?

@Erica Would you be able to acknowledge this as a bug, please? :slight_smile:

When presenting to clients, I keep being asked why I’ve ‘chosen’ illegible text lol. #notmyfault :cry:

Interesting that you are using Mind-Map View to present to clients. I also thought it would be good for that purpose.

… and you’re right this problem is pretty much a bug (in that you wouldn’t design it that way)

Clients like pretty pictures. :sunglasses:

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