Breadcrumbs that include tags are not clickable

Steps to reproduce

Make sure you are on a note, multiple levels down so there are breadcrumbs at the top of the page. At least one of these breadcrumbs is a note that only contains a tagged note (e.g. #painting). Then click on one of the breadcrumbs with only a tagged note.

Expected result

After clicking the breadcrumb that is a tagged note, you expect to be taken to the note level of the breadcrumb you selected.

Actual result

The page remains static and you will not be taken to the note that contains the tagged note. Instead, if you select a breadcrumb that is not a tagged note (i.e. it is a line that contains text and not just a tagged note), you will then be taken to that note as per usual


macOS Mojave, Chrome browser, Safari browser, desktop app v2.1.2 (2120)

Additional comments

Possible duplicate of Can not go back when parent is a tag

So sorry about this! We’ll fix it as soon as we can.