Breadcrumb links no longer retain filter

Steps to reproduce

  1. Start at a level lower than root
  2. input any search filter
  3. click a breadcrumb link

Expected result

I believe the search filter used to stay intact

Actual result

search field is emptied


Chrome OSX


If this was intentional change, I’d like to make it a feature request to add it back somehow

Can you share a screenshot of the breadcrumbs in your search results? I don’t easily see what you’re referring to

You can see the difference when you search something and try too zoom out with shortcut - search box will remain open. When you instead click on breadcrumb to zoom out, the search box disappear.

the behaviour of breadcrumbs changed with this release (That’s my guess. I wasn’t using them to zoom out)

This is an intentional change. In the near future, the filter won’t be retained either when zooming in (right now it’s only for zooming out).

We can add an advanced option to bring back the old behavior, but from what I’ve heard so far, the majority of users want the WorkFlowy behavior, e.g. not retaining filter when zooming.

Thanks, this is good enough for me! @Erica I don’t need to make a feature request as long as we have this.

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