Blank date buttons

I noticed what appears to be a very minor bug, but it gave me an idea for a proposed feature:

I am creating a list of template items. Some of these items will eventually have dates, but I wanted to set up placeholders for them in the templates. So I added !() as a spot to type a date, and I noticed that this gets mis-interpreted as a now and gets rendered as a date button with “A few seconds ago” as it’s text. It would be nice if !() was simply interpreted as a blank date, allowing a person to click on the button and select one. Perhaps text of “Pick date…” or something like that.

Why am I suggesting this? Because it lets a user quickly paste in template items, and then select dates rapidly. Otherwise, he/she must click into the text and at least type a bang ! to get the picker to pop up.

As a further observation, currently when the button is rendered as “A few seconds ago”, if you click it, a time circa now is automatically filled in as well.

If the above blank date idea is not feasible because of larger concerns [sad panda face here], then at least !() should not be interpreted as a date.

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