Black style export to Outlook problem

Exporting plain text (or formatted) from Windows app (Black style) through Export function to an outlook email (Copy to clipboard funcion), It exports the text in black background and white font.

Very annoying.
It shouldn’t export the colors of the background.

If I try it in browser dynalist it works the same.
If I am doing the export with Download as file it works fine.

Does Outlook support a paste option called “Merge formatting” like MS Word does? That should fix the problem if it exists. Outlook seems to accept all kind of formatting, similar to Word, and I’ve noticed various interesting results when copying stuff from formatted websites.

I think the problem is the when the browser does its default copy, for completeness it copies the text with all formatting included. I guess this might be useful in some cases, in case you want a complete copy with the appearance.

We’re using this default behavior, and when an app accepts it, it looks annoying. If you paste into a less formatting heavy program like WordPad, it doesn’t happen.

I hope that clears thing up! If there’s no option to merge formatting in Outlook, we’ll see what we can do.

Yes. With merge formatting it works.

Thanks for confirming, Microsoft software often provides this option.

If you don’t mind, I’ll mark this as fixed for now. If someone else has issues and can’t workaround it by merging formatting, we can reopen it.

Pasting into Gmail has the same trouble. Not sure how to work around it with the desktop app (doing my exports from the webapp works fine).

Use Paste Unformatted. All operating systems support it. Usually it’s just a modifier key added to the normal paste hotkey.

Notice that if you paste text from this website to gmail, it’s black background comes with it too. This is how web browsers (the engine that runs dynalists app) work by default. It’s not a bug or unique to dynalist.