Better calendar sync and date sorting in agenda view or bookmarkable searches


currently when I add a timestamp to an item it gets automatically synced to my google calendar.
This is not what I want. Instead I’d like to have much more control over if events and which events get synced and how.

Ideally, in the settings I could configure multiple calendars from multiple accounts (work, private) and then assign tags to them to control which calendars should receive the event.
Futhermore, it’d be great if it would be possible to just add a date time to an item without syncing it to any calendar (perhaps this could be seen as having no default calendar).

If this could be combined with some form of agenda view or bookmarkable searches that list matching items by time, dynalist would be much more useful for GTD and journaling.

For inspiration, have a look at the recent Agenda App for OS X but also (which requires manually adding to calendars with a key press independent of tagging an item with a date time)

The lack of better support for dealing date time and the lack of client-side encryption are basically what stops me from moving my workflow to dynalist right now.




Thanks for the suggestion!

Maybe this can be better titled as “Better calendar sync and date sorting”? The current seems too general and I’m afraid it won’t attract the attention it deserves.

Thanks, I updated the title.

Perhaps useful, I’m going to try to deconstruct this into separate features

  • introduce notion of multiple calendars
  • add a setting for marking one (or none) of those calendars as the default calendar
  • add a setting for associating a tag with each calendar
  • to filter, add at least one of
    • an agenda view
    • bookmarkable searches that allow sorting of matching items by time


  • Items with a date time will go to default calendar if set.
  • Items with a date time and tags will go to all calendars with a matching tag.
  • Perhaps also useful: add a setting for defining a tag that means “don’t send to default calendar”

In any view that returns items by time, it would be useful to support

  • narrow by time (i.e. see nothing from the future, see only items from the last 5 days etc).
  • group by time (i.e. at resolution of a day, show a folded hierarchy, a little document tree containing all matching items from that time slot)
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Thanks for the break down!

Although I think some of the points (e.g. agenda view, date filter, date sorting) are big enough to have their feature request posts. That way we have have more focused discussions and attract other users who wants some of these features, but not necessarily all of them. Just an idea.