Backup zip filenames in wrong encoding

Steps to reproduce

  • Create a new document and give it a name containing some non-latin characters, eg. dynalist является действительно крутым!
  • Download a backup of your documents
  • Unzip the file received

Expected result

A pair of .txt/.opl files named after your document (eg. dynalist является действительно крутым!.opl/.txt)

Actual result

A couple of .txt/.opl files with a filename containing garbage characters


Operating system: linux
Browser: palemoon
Desktop/mobile app version: N/A

Additional information

The file contents are OK (ie. properly encoded in UTF-8).
It’s only the filenames contained in the zip archive that get messed up.
(May be the zip library used by the server assumes that filenames are in ISO-8859-1 and is unable to deal with other character encodings)

Additional comments