Automatically place items with level at the top of list

If an item has levels can it be (sorted / grouped ) to the top of the list ?
In may case anything with a levels becomes a “topic” with this in place i could quickly see if the topic exists, as it is now i have to scan the whole list or filter and search beforehand.

What does “item with level” mean? What’s a “topic”? I don’t understand.

if a bullet point has sub bullet points can they be shown at the top, followed by single bullets. No need for any other sorting


You want to sort a list so all the items with no children go to the bottom.

I can’t think of any way to do that with dynalist, sorry.

Well actually I want them at the top, but i think that is also not possible

Your best option is Move Item. It’s not automatic but it is quick. Move one item to the top (or bottom, depends how you configure it). Pick the current section. After that every use of Ctrl-Alt-M (Move Item shortcut) followed by Enter will move another item to the top (respectively, bottom) of the same section.

Yes. Agree with Alan.

Hold CTRL and click all the items you want to move to the top of bottom, the hit the Move To hotkey, and type the parent item. They’ll move to the top or bottom according to the preference you have set in settings.

Ok thanks, will see how that works for me

Thanks will give it a try