Autohotkey issue with note

for some reason my very simple Autohotkey hotstring to insert code block inside note is bugging out, the hotstring is very simple, I’m simply adding ``` to both sides of the clipboard so I do have to type it myself, it’s a really dumb script.
see the attached image:
so the bottom part when I try to trigger the hotstring “+dlcb”, it works fine, it’s also working fine in other apps like Win Notpad, but when I try to trigger it inside the note its generating all sorts of errors, like hotstring not replaced, omitting characters and extra new lines.
It’s even weirder because I swear it works fine just a couple days ago.
Dynalist used to bug out with other text expander as well so is Dynalist having issues with some quick type stuff or is there something I’m doing wrong? I may have to try it on another device just to be sure.
Can be reproduced both in desktop app and web app.
Thank you!