Autocompletion in checklists


Google Keep (I have not seen this from anyone else) has the very convenient and nice feature: auto-completion in checklists. For example: I have a grocery list of about 50 items (accumulated in a few different trips to shops), and I don’t want to search “Bread” in the list for unchecking, I just want to enter “Bre” and see completed “Bread” in the drop-down menu, then click/touch on it and it moves to the place where I typed and becomes unchecked.

There is custom hand-made example how it may looks in Dynalist:

I hope, I have clearly stated. Anyway, you should try this in Google Keep.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the suggestion, I can certainly see how this can be useful to you!

I installed Google Keep but have no idea how to trigger. Long holding the checkbox doesn’t seem to do it. How do I trigger this feature?

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It works by type start part of checked items in this list.

But they changed something: added somewhat of global dictionary completions (with cart icon).

So sorry for the late reply!

Unfortunately, after some internal discussion, we feel like this feature is too todo-centric. It’s also weirder when I imagine it on Dynalist because in Dynalist your tasks do not get automatically reordered after completing a task.

To others: please do comment below if you feel like you need this too! Thanks in advance.