Auto Node expand on Drag

Drag a node to a closed node. The closed node should automatically open so you can drag the node and drop it in the desired location. This doesn’t currently happen, which forces an extra step. Now I have to first go to the target location and open it before I drag and drop.

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Hi @Marc_Freedman, I think what you described includes two parts:

(1) You should be able to drag things into collapsed parent items, and
(2) The collapsed parent should automatically expand when you do (1).

I agree with (1) but not (2). (2) could be done with an option, I don’t think it should be the default behavior. The collapsed parent could potentially contains lots of child items, and automatically opening it will cause the page layout to change a lot, and can be a surprise to those who don’t expect it.

Current workaround: drag the item right under the parent item, so that the dragged item is the next sibling of the intended parent. Then, Tab once, and the parent will automatically open.

Erica, thanks for the tip on Tab opening the parent. That eliminates one click but still requires you to move the node under the target node, click Tab, and move the node where you want inside the target.

Other programs have solved the auto expansion issue you mention with a small hover expansion delay such as one second. So you can drag the source node across collapsed nodes without them expanding. However if you hover the drag over a node for longer than the delay, then the node does expand and you can drop the source where you like inside it.