Auto Breadcrumbs/Path for all Nodes

I often move nodes to other areas, but I want them to retain the context of which they were originally a part. My suggestion is for the breadcrumbs/path of the child node be auto-generated in the notes of that node.

This is similiar to the suggestion made here, but with less automation.

Any ideas or work-arounds? Thanks in advance.

While I understand why it’s useful to you, the use case sounds a bit niche at the moment though.

Anyone else needs this? Comment below if you do.

Maybe this can be a plugin/add-on on top of Dynalist in the future when we have the plugin system.

Thanks for the response, Erica. To be honest, the suggestion at the link in my original post sounds even better. Would that be the same kind of plug-in scenario?

That’s more likely to end up as an advanced option since it doesn’t change the default behavior of “move to”, unlike your proposal.

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