Audio / Sound reward for completing task or check

I used to use Wunderlist/To-Do which taught me that sound rewards is a real thing in humans (and other animals) and has a surprisingly significant motivational effect, which you don’t really realize until you’ve actually experienced it.

It’d be great to get an optional sound feedback for completing checklist tasks in Dynalist. It makes the completion just … feel a lot better!

Anyone else ever had a taste of this in action?

click here when you do a thing :trumpet:

I agree 100%! I thought it was just me :blush: I loved that little “ding” in Wunderlist - a dopamine hit if ever there was one :smile:

I am just like you, sounds great.
See more here:

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Same here! I used MS To Do for a while and I loved that “ding” when completing a task! :smiley:

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