Ask users to confirm logout on mobile

When using the iOS app, sometimes I want to tap the “Refresh” button to manually refresh Dynalist. However, every couple of weeks I end up tapping the “Logout” button instead which is located right below “Refresh”. This is annoying since my tap on “Logout” was unintentional, I get logged out right away and I have to enter my credentials to log back in.

IMO, it would be a quick win to add a confirm dialogue that pops up when tapping “Logout” to avoid this annoyance. I would guess that most users don’t want to logout that often anyways, so adding an extra step shouldn’t be such a problem.

Valid UI point. But do you really need to refresh that much? I didn’t even know what button was there. I never manually refresh. I’ve never seen dynalist take more than a couple seconds to fully sync from my other devices if there’s internet access. And even if I’m offline, it seems pretty trustworthy in terms of inserting new unique node IDs and keeping the latest edit to nodes once I go back online.

I use it from time to time because else sometimes I start typing before the fetching of changes from the server has completed. That leads to some interesting UI behavior that makes me a bit anxious of loosing content. :sweat_smile: Thus tapping „Refresh“ from time to time.

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