Are there special rules about moving files into folders? says

Note: it can be tricky to move a file into an empty folder. It’s easy to end up moving the file below the empty folder. In that case, dragging it upwards by a tiny bit should work.

but after several minutes of trying, I still can’t move my desired file into my desired folder.

However, when I created a dummy folder and dummy file, I could move the file into the folder. Is it possible I can’t move my file based on how it’s shared? Or do files have some other special property such that some of them can be moved into some folders and other cannot? I made a copy and could move the copy into the folder.

That’s possible. You cannot nest shared files, that’s the restriction.

Is that what’s happening to you?

Hmm, what does it mean to nest shared files?

I created two documents and shared both with my team via links. I then realized it would be better to share one folder with my team instead, so I created a folder and shared it, then tried to move the files into the folder. I guess that’s nesting?


Yes, you are correct. Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ve made a post about this a while ago, too.

Yes, I guess so. If you are suddenly able to remove it under the folder after unsharing it, that should be the culprit.

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