Apple native text replacement not working on MacOS desktop app

Steps to reproduce

  1. set the :pushpin: emoji to replace the text “pnn” in Apple’s native text replacement setting found in System Preferences of MacOS
  2. type “pnn” in any app system-wide and :pushpin: emoji replaces the text
  3. type “pnn” in the Dynalist MacOS Desktop app and there is no text replacement. Nothing happens and the text remains as entered

Expected result

I expect to see the entered text, “pnn” replaced by the :pushpin: emoji as per App

Actual result

The text, “pnn”, as entered remains the same and is not replaced


macOS Cataline 10.15.4
latest desktop version
no third party scripts

Additional information

I believe the developer needs to code in compatibility with the native text replacement feature in macOS. In this case, this is not a bug and instead is a feature request, but I could be wrong

I’ve investigated this before and it seems like our engine (Electron) doesn’t use NSText to implement any of the text inputs, which is required for MacOS’s native text expander to work.

There is a “hack” of an electron module which can read the native dictionary of expansions and tries to apply it but I’m not sure that’s a good idea.

Would definitely consider this more of a feature request though.