App Badges

First - thank you for a great app AND actively developing it!
Dynalist is really close to replacing several of my apps and simplifying my workflows.
I want it it to replace my to-do lists and apps.
But to do that I need to have badges on my iOS app displaying active to-do items.

I’ve been thinking on how to make this work with all the lists, files etc.

What about an option to have badges displayed for a specific file (or the designated Inbox) for items that have been made into a checklist.

In other words the badge would show the number of (unchecked) checklist items for one designated file. Or the default could be checklist items for the Inbox file.

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Good idea, not sure what’s need technically to achieve that. Please like or comment the original post if you want this too, and maybe we can move it to the roadmap :slight_smile:

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Come on everybody! This could be so useful :slight_smile:

I guess not everyone wants to see the red badge and feel overwhelmed? Just a guess…