API for inserting new notes and discovering where those notes could be saved

I haven’t seen any posts about APIs which are related to what I want from an API so sorry if this is a dupe.

I am building something that helps manage tasks and stuff in a GTD style, but DynaList is a great service to integrate for storing information (archiving). I wanted to be able to send a block of text to a section of the notes if possible.

My ideal api would let me search the notes (similar to how [[ triggers a search) for the user to select and a way to then insert the rich text contents under that selected note.

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What do you mean by “rich text contents”?

I’m being vague cause I’m not sure. Currently the feature works by using Draft.JS so I can handle some more advanced text input (although, I haven’t added that part it yet).

At the minimum it would be the title of the item and the ability to add the markdown text for the note.