Android Swiftkey

How does Android SwiftKey keyboard on tablet map to actions shown in “Getting Started” document?

Not sure what you mean. SwiftKey doesn’t have access to the Dynalist actions, so we suggest you tap on an item to edit, and use the toolbar that appears on the bottom of the screen to make changes.

I hope that helps!

I think the issue (from the point of view of “user-friendliness”) is that Dynalist, even on mobile, displays some user tips and keyboard shortcuts that are really only relevant on desktop.

For example, if I have no document open in the mobile Dynalist app, a suggestion appears advising me to "Press CTRL/CMD+O to open a document“, when that doesn’t really make sense on iOS/Android. Perhaps this is what David is referring to?

(A similar “user-friendliness issue” is that after you customize your keyboard shortcuts and “usage hints” appear in certain situations and places in the user interface, they all refer to the default settings of keyboard shortcuts, so if I wish to try that functionality based on the hint, it typically doesn’t work because the keyboard shortcut had previously been overwritten to perform a different action.)

The commonality between the two issues is that usage hints recommending keyboard shortcuts appear even in contexts where they aren’t relevant (in the mobile app) or are no longer applicable as stated in the hint (due to customized keyboard shortcuts remapping).

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