Android - Share function



I see, then you’re probably talking about another bug.

Could you please let me know if the bug still happens after the newest update, 1.1.21? Thanks in advance!


1.1.21 Seemed to fix the Google Keep problem I was having. Thanks


On 1.1.21, its the weirdest thing. Whether Dynalist is running or not, it now opens up and displays the text and add & cancel options. I click add but nothing actually gets added to the Inbox or anywhere.

I tried clearing the data just in case but it didn’t help.


There should be a message popping out at the bottom after you hit “Add”, is there?


Nope, no message popping after hitting Add.


I still seem to need to use this app twice to have it work. The first time is to get it to load in memory. This is 1.1.21. Same issue as previous version.


Have you restarted the app after the Play Store update? Updating it doesn’t restart the app, another user ran into this issue.


I see, we’ve pinpointed this issue and it’s going to be fixed very soon. It was related to a incorrect check for Pro user status (unintended). Sorry about that!


Works perfectly. Thank you.


Thanks for bearing with us! Happy to know it’s resolved for you now.