Android: keyboard collapses on tapping Enter, deleting an item

Steps to reproduce

Tap enter to create a new item anywhere in the Dynalist app - keyboard collapses. Manually delete all text in the item by tapping backspace - keyboard collapses. Requires tapping on screen again to get it back.

Expected result

Keyboard stays open after tapping Enter or erasing an item.

Actual result

Keyboard closes itself


Dynalist android app ver 1.2.7 june 10 2018 update
Android ver 5.1

Additional information

See attached screen rec

Additional comments

I guess it started after the last update

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Is there (will there be) any solution to this?

Sorry about the delay - @Shida could you take a look at this?

The issue seems to be caused by the last mobile update (1.2.7).

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I’ve tested this on Android 5.0.2 with Gboard and I am unable to get this behavior to happen at all.

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Well, this started happening immidiately after 1.2.7 update, was fine before that. İt also only happens in app itself, everything is fine in mobile web version.

@Shida: Is it possible that a difference in hardware (being too fast or too slow) might have caused this?

I’m not sure, but I’m puzzled why it works in the mobile version, but not in the app. Have we gotten reports from anyone else with similar device specs?