Android: better/faster UI for bullet indent level

It works with the buttons below (but they are a little challenged sometimes when the keyboard slides up and down when editing etc…).

I saw a very fast and user friendly alternative in a task manager (My Life Organized). Besides having button controls, it also works by simply typing as the first character in a line. It will indent it. (And the space be removed, ready for typing text).
Likewise, typing will de-indent the bullet.

(Actually, as an extra thing it is actually possible to toggle by simply using the SPACE key. Typing SPACE a 2nd time will de-indent the bullet. That’s another way. Either/or works fine but both are not needed as such).

This makes it MUCH faster to work with outlining on the crammed up mobile keyboard. I don’t need to direct my eyes away from what I am doing. (Such as scrolling up the document because the keyboard is covering the indent buttons).

Of course there are other things more important than this - but I wanted to throw in the idea, perhaps for a time you are working in that area in other respects).

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I don’t get this part. Are there things missing? If you mean a space, you can type “space” or at least " ", otherwise we can’t see it.

My guess is that you can type space to indent, and type some other character to un-indent? Still not sure what the other character is, but it’s most likely not space as that would cause a conflict.

Interesting suggestion though!